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The difference between CPA Crane Hire and Contract Lifting

Construction Crane Hire and Contract Lifting
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What is CPA Crane Hire?

There are two main options for anyone in need of crane hire services for a lift, CPA Crane Hire or a CPA Contract Lift. There are advantages to both, AE Engineering are always on hand to guide you through your options.

If you are planning a lift, the most common thing to do is to hire a crane and operator to work to your instructions. Under the CPA rules, the responsibility lies in the hands of the hiring party. This means that you are responsible for risk assessment and method statement, and for complying with BS7121 and LOLER. (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998)  You must also provide a competent and appropriately trained appointed person to supervise the lifting and oversee the process. As the hirer you will also:

  • Plan the lift
  • Select a suitable model of crane
  • Be responsible for slinging and signalling

Contract Lifting- the Alternative to CPA Crane Hire Agreements?

With a contract lift, the customer hires a crane and qualified operator. But the crane hire company also takes on further responsibilities. Such as, selecting a suitable crane, planning the lift, designating an Appointed Person, supervising the lift and arranging the slinging and signalling.

This reduces the level of risk and financial costs in real terms for the hirer; even if the upfront costs of a contract lift are more expensive than CPA crane hire. Significantly, the crane provider handles the following risks:

  • Responsibility for loss or damage to the crane and equipment while on the customer site and under their control
  • It is often the Crane hire company that insures the goods being lifted against loss or damage.
  • The customer is not liable for continued hire charges if the equipment for loss of function due to loss or damage.
  • The Crane hire company takes on legal liability in the event of an injury to the driver while under the supervision of the customer.
  • This liability extends to injury to third parties and damage to property arising from the lifting operation while the crane is on site.
Advantages and Disadvantages

There are advantages and disadvantages to CPA crane hire and Contract Lift. The decision will be based on your budget, your on-site resources and your insurance. AE Engineering offer both types of service, so your decision as a hirer is based on how much you wish to reduce risk compared with how much you are willing to spend upfront.

In summary-CPA Crane Hire vs Contract Lift:


CPA Crane Hire

The entire lift is the responsibility of you, the hirer. You must be insured against injury and damage to the equipment and third parties during the lift. You must also make sure there is an Appointed Person and suitable professionals available to supervise the lift while it is taking place.

CPA Contract Lift

The crane, operator and the lift operation remain primarily the responsibility of the plant hire company throughout the operation. The hirer insures the plant against damage, and takes legal liability for any injury, loss, damage or destruction to property that takes place during the lift – including damage to the goods and materials being lifted.

In the long term, a Contract Lift can significantly reduce risk on site, while saving money in real terms on resources that can be diverted elsewhere.

If you want to find out more information about the cost of crane hire, you can visit this page, or contact us to arrange a site survey.

A1: AE Engineering offers two primary options for crane hire services: CPA Crane Hire and CPA Contract Lift. Each option comes with its own set of advantages to cater to diverse lifting needs.

A2: With CPA Crane Hire, you, the hirer, take full responsibility for the lift. This includes planning, selecting a suitable crane model, and managing slinging and signalling. Compliance with safety regulations such as BS7121 (Code of practice for the safe use of cranes) and LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998) is essential, requiring a competent appointed person to supervise the lifting process.

A3: CPA Contract Lift is a more comprehensive solution. While still hiring a crane and operator, AE Engineering takes on additional responsibilities such as crane selection, lift planning, appointing a supervisor, and coordinating slinging and signalling. This option significantly reduces your on-site risks and financial burdens.

A4: The benefits include:

– Responsibility for on-site crane and equipment loss or damage rests with the crane provider.

– Insurance coverage for lifted goods is typically provided by AE Engineering.

– You are not liable for ongoing hire charges if equipment malfunctions due to loss or damage.

– Legal liability for driver injuries and damages to third parties or property during the lift is borne by AE Engineering.

A5: Consider your budget, on-site resources, and insurance. AE Engineering offers both services, allowing you to balance risk reduction with upfront costs.

A6: A Contract Lift can significantly enhance on-site safety while optimising resource allocation, providing a strategic advantage over time.

A7: Visit our dedicated page or contact us to schedule a site survey for comprehensive information on crane hire costs.

A8: You can reach our team by calling the office at 01253 422 044, out-of-office at 07854 637 498, or emailing us at

A9: AE Engineering also provides residential crane hire, telehandler hire, and plant machinery hire. Call us for a free quote and explore our diverse services.

A10: AE Engineering offer CPA Contract Lift services throughout the UK, including Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, Blackburn, Cheshire, Penrith, and more



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