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Contract Lifting is a practical alternative to Crane Hire and is one of the key services we provide throughout Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and the rest of the United Kingdom.

Contract Lifts usually take place on larger construction projects, steel erection or larger commercial projects that require multiple lifting requirements.

Not only can contract lifts be complex but they also have the capacity to be dangerous if they are not professionally planned and undertaken. Our contract lifting solutions ensure the safe planning and operation of a lift and our team will correctly manage the lift from start to finish.

Modern-day projects are becoming more and more elaborate – as such, it is essential that you take advantage of the latest in reliable technology and ensure you’re using the correct lifting accessories to ensure safety and efficiency.

Since forming AE Engineering in 2010 we have worked with many businesses, within an array of different industries, Whether they require crane hire for one day or long-term contract lifting, our team are able to help.

We can work on singular properties and help with aspects such as steel erection, glass installation, concrete pouring and much more. We also offer long-term contract lifting solutions to steel erection companies, construction businesses and many more industries.

Our experienced team can deliver a comprehensive hire service. We will be able to handle all aspects of your contract lifts requirements, from health and safety to project completion.




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For our best price guaranteed

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Call Us On: 01253 422 044


Whether you’re a quantity surveyors, site manager or buyer within your industry you may be looking for a reliable and professional crane hire and contract lifting company. Many businesses in the past have had to work with several different companies to provide crane hire, health & safety and other required services. 

Our contract lifting solution ensures we take full control of your lifting requirements. This includes ensuring safe and correct slinging, set up of secure exclusion zones & full planning and lift management.

Whether you’re looking for short-term contract lifting or long-term contract lifting you can ensure with AE Engineering the safe and successful completion of your lifting requirements. 

As part of the contracts lifting service, you’ll receive:

A dedicated & experienced on-site team – When undertaking a lifting contract the project will be overseen by a qualified and experienced appointed persons. The appointed person will be responsible for managing the lift, ensuring safe position and lifting operation as well as being there to gain an understanding of the entire project and it’s lifting requirements. 

In addition to the appointed person, we will also provide a fully qualified slinger/signaller to oversee the attachment and movement of heavy loads throughout your worksite. 

We can also provide Crane Operators and Supervisors to ensure the lifting project progresses smoothly.

The Perfect Construction Equipment – When undertaking a project it is essential for us to complete a site survey so we understand your lifting requirements, this also helps us ensure we are using the correct crane and lifting accessories for your project. We will also ensure that the crane you use has been fully certified for all kinds of worksites and has been regularly tested and maintained as required.

We have a wide stock of lifting accessories, including concrete skips, boat skips, glass lifters and much more! 

Improved Health & Safety – Traditional crane hire & contract lifting differ in terms of their overall requirements and input by AE Engineering. With a contract lift, we will work with your health & safety officer to ensure that your site is fully compliant with health & safety regulations when performing lifts. 

Our team will ensure fully planning and operation management to prevent any accidents from occurring whilst lifts are on-going. This includes ensuring safe and correct slinging, exclusion zones & correct crane positioning and lift management. 

The professional contract lifting specialists from AE Engineering will ensure that the project meets all relevant legislation, including:

  • BS 7121 – The code of practice for the safe use of cranes.
  • LOLER 1998 – Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998.


One of the main benefits of a contract lifting solution compared to individual crane hire is the comprehensiveness of the lifting solutions offers. 

With a short-term or long-term contract lifting the AE Engineering team will survey, manage and operate all aspect of your lifting requirements, ensuring the required appointed persons, crane operators, slingers & signallers are available to ensure your contract lifts are undertaken safely and successfully. 

So, how does this benefit your project? Just some of the benefits that your worksite will be able to enjoy are:

Reduce on-site health & safety risks

One of our main goals when performing a contract lift is to not only successfully serve your requirements but to also ensure maximum safety. Our contract lifting experts take full management of your sites lifting requirements and ensure the correct processes are undertaken to ensure the safety of operating staff and site staff. 

Lower Financial Cost – 

Short & Long Term Contract lifts can be far more cost-efficient than individual crane hire. The benefit of contract lifting is that you have access to our experienced staff and they will undertake the who project. You will not be required to hire a crane, find a driver, signaller, sligner or appointed persons, this is all handled by AE Engineering. 

Keep to your deadlines

Because we are providing a full lifting solution and manage all attributes of your lifting requirements we are able to have control of staff, machines and all the finer details. 

By using our contract lifting services you don’t need to wait for appointed persons to sign the paperwork, crane operator availability or the arrival of additional construction machinery. 

Thanks to our familiarity with the tools we use, we will be able to deliver quick and safe service to worksites across the North West.


Whatever kind of construction project you’re working on, our experienced team are here to help. We can deliver a comprehensive range of industry-leading cranes and lifting equipment. Our team is composed of a complete array of experts, including:

  • Appointed Persons.
  • Slingers/Signallers.
  • Crane Operators.
  • Crane Supervisors.

Our contract lifts team can provide completely reliable lifting services to worksites in Manchester, Liverpool, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Burnley, Carlisle, Chorley, Lancaster, Morecambe, Penrith, Preston, Rochdale, Salford, Southport, St Helens, Warrington, Wigan and across the North West. Whether you’re working on a new-build, conducting major repair works or demolishing an existing property, our contract lifting services are here to help.

For more information on our industry-leading contract lifting services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team. You can reach us directly by calling us on 01253 422 044. If you prefer, you can email us at . You can also submit any questions.

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