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Our team at AE Engineering can help you lift your boat in and out of the water and help you organise nationwide transportation for your Yacht, Canal Boat, Sailboat and more.

We have a range of heavy lifting cranes from 2 tonnes to 90 tonnes allowing us to lift most boats from lakes, rivers or canals. We can provide the crane and the transport you need, along with ‘safe route’ planning and escort vehicles.

For our best price guaranteed

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Call Us On: 01253 422 044

For our best price guaranteed

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Call Us On: 01253 422 044

You may need to remove your boat from the water for many reasons. You could be looking to sell or upgrade your current boat for a newer model, You may need to perform some routine maintenance or repairs or you may need to take it out of the water throughout the winter period to prevent water absorption.

Our expert team have our own personal experience of removing a boat from the water. Our team will undertake the full project from slinging, securing and lifting. Ensuring the safety of all personnel and boats throughout.

As well as managing the contract lift of your boat, we can manage the transportation of your boat to a required destination. Having lifted boats for over 15 years, we have built relationships with some of the most trustworthy and professional marine transportation teams.

  • Normal boat lifting services include:
  • From road transport to the water
  • From water to road transport
  • Water to hard standing;
  • (i.e. hull blacking, hull repair etc.)
  • Hard standing back to water
  • Single lifts, e.g. light loads such as engines
Boat Removal and Transportation in the North-West

If you have a boat you wish to dock, transport or move, then please get in touch. Our experienced operators will safely and securely move your boats. 

You can reach the experienced team at AE Engineering today by calling us directly on 01253 422 044. If you prefer, you can also send any questions you might have to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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