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We can specialise in experienced personnel hire for all kinds of worksites across the North West and Lancashire. As part of our crane hire services, we can also provide a professional team with extensive experience in operating all our machinery. This can greatly increase your project’s speed and drastically improve everyone’s safety.

Our team is composed of experienced, fully-qualified and reliable personnel are available to travel anywhere within the North West to ensure a high-quality service. Each of our professionals has undergone extensive training with all our equipment, and we are dedicated to helping you complete your project as quickly and professionally as possible.

We can provide complete personnel hire to deal with all kinds of projects and the latest technologies to ensure that you have access to the lifting equipment you need.


For our best price guaranteed

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For our best price guaranteed

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Call Us On: 01253 422 044
Excavator & Mini Digger Hire

In addition to our industry-leading crane hire, our personnel hire can offer a wide range of benefits to your worksite. In addition to being experts at handling all the machines we can provide, our experienced team is also available to lend you the benefits of their incredible expertise. That means they can work with you to plan and carry out all on-site work using our technologies.

Whether you’re looking for experienced personnel in Blackpool, Manchester, Liverpool or across the North West, our team are here for you. You can trust our experts to be on-time and deliver an unbeatable service throughout your contract. On any worksite, it is essential that everything happens on-time and to budget; thanks to AE Engineering personnel hire, we can guarantee that our team will be ready and waiting.


Our professional team comprises a wide range of experts in their field. We can provide a comprehensive, professional group to ensure your work continues to schedule. Just some of the wide range of professionals that we can provide includes:

  • Slinger/ Signaller Hire – A slinger is an important part of any personnel hire. They are responsible for attaching, directing and detaching the load. They will also ensure that all relevant safety requirements are always met.
  • Lift Supervisor Hire – The crane supervisor supervises the lifting operation and ensures that the safe work system is followed throughout the entire procedure. The supervisor will check that all equipment is correct for the task. Furthermore, they will ensure that all personnel are suitable for their roles and have been briefed on the project they are undertaking. With a professional lift supervisor at the helm, risks are practically eliminated, and a quick, safe project is guaranteed.
  • The Appointed Person – In addition to the lift supervisor, your project needs an experienced appointed person. This is the specialist who takes full responsibility for the entire lifting operation. From the initial planning and conception through to the actual execution of the lifting, the appointed person must ensure a safe and practical system of work throughout each stage.

Whatever kind of project you are working on, whether construction, destruction or maintenance and repair, the benefits of professional personnel hire can be felt across your entire worksite. They will help you to make the entire lifting procedure safer and more efficient than you thought possible. With a truly experienced team, you can identify and avoid all kinds of safety errors which could result in anything from injury to property and extended project time to actual user or worker injury.

Leaders in crane, fleets & plant and personnel hire!

Whether you’re building a sky-rise in Manchester, destroying old buildings in Liverpool or repairing properties in Blackpool, our professional team are here for you.

With the help of our industry-leading and reliable technologies, we will reduce project time, improve on-site safety and help you deliver the very best finished project possible. From our experienced slingers to devoted lift supervisors, we can deliver the highest-quality service in the UK to businesses across the North West.

At AE Engineering, we pride ourselves on the professional relationships we develop with our clients. 

An important part of our services, from traditional crane hire to personnel hire, is taking the time to clearly understand your needs and aims. That way, we can deliver unbeatable results on all projects, from construction to destruction and on-site clearance.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive team to handle your lifting needs, or you just need a specialist to accompany our equipment to ensure you can get the best out of it, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. You can reach our professional team directly by calling us on 01253 422 044 . Alternatively, you can email us directly at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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