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Heavy Lifting Machinery For Hire

The ability to safely lift or work at height is essential for all projects and businesses. Here at AE Engineering, we are proud to offer one of the largest lift & shift equipment ranges in the UK.

We can deliver reliable, industry-leading equipment which can be used to lift and transport materials of all kinds. Whether you need lifting and shifting equipment for a construction project or to help you meet a commercial order, our team are here for you.

Over the years, our specialist team has provided a wide range of lifting machinery to all businesses. We have industry-leading lifting equipment for hire across the North-West. Our team is here whether you’re looking for commercial forklifts or industrial lifting equipment.

If you don’t have anyone on your team with experience with lifting and shifting equipment, we are here to help. Our personnel hire services can allow you to take full advantage of this essential equipment.

AE Engineering’s team can carry out all lifting projects as safely as possible to protect your employees.


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For our best price guaranteed

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The forklift trucks we can provide are easy-to-use, reliable and low-maintenance lift & shift equipment. Whether you’re moving small boxes or heavier weights, our forklift trucks are essential. Forklift trucks for hire are an essential part of almost any lifting process. They are common in all kinds of commercial warehouses and industrial areas.

Whether you’re looking for short or long-term forklift truck hire, we are here for you. The equipment we can provide is essential for warehouses, storage centres and a range of construction sites. F

orklift trucks for hire can provide a cost-effect and reliable lifting solution. The forklifts we can supply can tackle weights of up to 4 tonnes, making them ideal for all kinds of environments. Lifting and shifting all kinds of materials and products is easier than ever with forklift trucks.

If none of your team are trained in forklift operation, we can provide experienced personnel hire to suit your needs. Our experts can ensure that these trucks are used safely and effectively across your workplace. If you’re looking for forklift trucks for hire in the North-West, get in touch today.


AE Engineering can provide a range of trolleys and trucks for hire. Our fleet of trolleys and trucks can support all of your handling needs. We are here for you whatever kind of material you need to transport. Just some of the trolleys and trucks that we can provide to our clients include:


At AE, we can provide a full range of pallet trucks to suit your needs. We’re able to deliver both double-roller and high-lifting trucks. Pallet trucks are essential if you need to move large, heavy goods and materials on a flat surface.


Block trucks are an easy and safe way of unloading and moving a range of flat, heavy materials, including slabs, kerb stones and more.


Turntable trucks are industry-leading pieces of lift & shift equipment. They can be used to transport large items over extremely long distances. Turntable trucks can also easily move around corners, winding roads and narrow paths.



If you need to move specialist items, then skates and stair climbers are essential. They can quickly transport heavy items up, down stairs or into difficult/tight spaces. Skates and stair climbers are popular lift & shift equipment for all properties and materials.

  • Skates – Industrial skates are perfect for transporting heavy and awkward items into difficult spaces. They can be used with all kinds of materials and loads. If you haven’t used a lifting skate before, it is a good idea to request personnel hire. Our lifting specialists can help you to carry out the transportation process.
  • Stair Climbers – If you need to get any kind of heavy or awkward loads up or down stairs, this equipment is essential. Stair climbers can make any lifting project much quicker, safer and easier. As the wheels of stair climbers do the work for you, there will be no unnecessary lifting.


We can provide a variety of toe and bottle jacks for hire. These pieces of large lift & shift equipment are ideal for all jacking operations. They can jack up materials and loads to suit your needs. Toe jacks and bottle jacks are ideal for different situations:

  • Toe Jacks – Toe jacks are a simple, manual way of lifting, loading and moving heavy machinery. Here at AE, we can provide toe jacks which can deal with weights of 10 tonnes to 30 tonnes, depending on your needs.
  • Bottle Jacks – Bottle jacks are perfect for lifting and maintaining heavy machinery. If you need to access the underside of the machinery, bottle jacks are ideal. They can deal with a variety of weights and hold it in place or accessibility.



Trolley jacks are light-weight, portable jacks which can be used to lift all kinds of machinery and industrial equipment. These jacks can lift machinery for long periods. They can be used for a wide range of commercial equipment. AE is also able to provide trolley jacks for domestic use where required.

The trolley jacks that we can provide are all designed with chain-block hoists. Chain blocks can be used in all kinds of environments and deliver a safe means of lifting heavy factory machinery. Chain blocks need to be secured to a hard-wearing beam to operate safely. Here at AE Engineering, we can stock trolley jacks and chain blocks which can support anything between 05 tonne and 10 tonne weights.


We can provide a complete range of chains and slings for hire. We can deliver hard-wearing chains and slings which can be used in any lifting and shifting device.

The chains and slings that we can provide are made with grade 80 steel.

As such, all our lifting accessories can handle a wide range of machinery and equipment.

We can deliver many essential chains and slings for hire, including sling hooks and links. Whatever kind of load or equipment you need to lift and shift, we are here for you. For grade 80 steel chains and slings, call AE Engineering today.


In addition to chains and slings, we can also provide industry-leading lifting hoists and accessories. We can deliver hoists to deal with a wide range of weights to suit your needs. Our lifting specialists can deliver a complete range of hoists to suit your lifting needs. Just some of the hard-wearing lifting hoists that we will provide include:

  • Scaffold Hoists.
  • Gantry Hoists.
  • Level Hoists.
  • Hoist Buckets.

If you’re unsure which kind of lifting hoist you need, our team are here for you. We can help you find the best hoists to suit your needs. Whether you’re lifting heavy materials or personnel up to scaffolding, we are here to help.



Fall arrest blocks are essential pieces of lift & shift equipment which can prevent lifted loads from falling. They can drastically improve safety across your worksite.

These fall arrest blocks are designed with self-retractable cables and locking devices. When combined with an energy-dissipation element, fall arrest blocks are essential.

Thanks to their design, fall arrest blocks are fully-automatic and require no adjustment from the user. Fall arrest equipment is essential if you want to improve your worksite’s safety.


Access cages are extremely important if your employees need to work at height. Access cages from AE Engineering are safe and secure pieces of equipment which can facilitate working at height. Not only can these essential pieces of equipment lift employees, they can also be used to lift their tools and essential equipment.

Thanks to access cages, your employees can work at height extremely safely and securely. These lifting equipment can transport workers up to the necessary height without compromising their safety. Access cages are essential if you’re conducting renovation work internally or externally.


We can provide a complete range of lift & shift equipment to suit your needs. Whether you need to deliver a solution for working at height, or safely transport heavy machinery vertically, we are here for you.

AE Engineering is one of the UK’s leading providers of lifting equipment for domestic and commercial projects. For more information on the range of lift & shift equipment that we can deliver, get in touch today. 

You can reach our lifting specialists directly by calling 01253 422 044 today. Alternatively, you can email any questions or concerns to Our team of lifting specialists are here for you.

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