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The Cost of crane hire

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Crane?

Crane Hire Costs

Everybody wants to know how much it costs to hire a crane and in truth, there are no definitive base prices due to every project being different and requiring a tailored quote – with this being a reason why you don’t see crane hire companies showing prices for many of their services.

At AE Engineering, we can help you understand a little more about pricing, and why the costs can be different depending on your requirements & whether you require crane hire or contract lifting.

Many factors can come into play when pricing up a project, which is why it isn’t as simple as giving a basic figure. Crane hire can vary in costs from a couple of hundred pounds to £50,000 +.

If you require a crane to move a hot tub, help erect steel in your home or require long-term contract lifting, the rate of hire is going to be completely different. To help price a crane hire or contract lift we require different information busies as which services suits you, the type of crane you require, the size of crane required, whether you require additional lifting accessories along with many other factors.

Crane Hire or Contract Lifting

When hiring a crane from AE Engineering, there are two different types of services we have available.

You can either choose to hire a crane or use a contract lift.

Now you may be asking, what is the difference between hiring a crane and a contract lifting solution? Below you can see the difference between the two and why many businesses are required to use a contract lift rather than just a basic crane hire.

Crane Hire

What does this include?

Contract Lifting

What does this include?

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Why does contract lifting cost more than crane hire?

Due to crane hire only providing you with the machine & and operator, crane hire is much cheaper than contract lifting.

Crane hire is good for smaller projects that require a smaller machine to be able to undertake a lift, Contract lifting is required for large building projects, heavy machinery removal and larger projects.

With a contract lift, the upfront costs are more expensive but the job is carried out by a team of highly skilled & trained professionals. Meaning that the customer has much less responsibility.

This responsibility includes not having to hire additional staff to ensure legal requirements and also relinquishes the requirement of the customer to arrange appropriate insurance for the lift.

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