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At AE Engineering, we can deliver a range of reliable crane hiring options to suit your needs. If you are considering hiring a crane, our experienced team is here. We have a complete range of lifting equipment across the North-West. Thanks to our industry-leading equipment, you can safely conduct all construction projects.

All our lifting equipment has undergone extensive testing and regular maintenance to ensure a safe and reliable service. Our equipment suits your project’s needs for both long-term and short-term hires. We can deliver cranes to our clients which can lift up to 200 tonnes at a time. We are here for you whether you require domestic or industrial lifting equipment to suit your project’s needs. AE Engineering can provide domestic lifting services to suit your needs.

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For our best price guaranteed
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Over the years, our professional team has delivered reliable lifting equipment to various projects. Thanks to our comprehensive options for hiring a crane, our equipment can be used to complete any project on budget and on schedule safely.

Our wide range of lifting equipment can be used in a variety of different project types, and you’ll be able to make sure that you have access to the very best equipment to suit your needs.


All our lifting projects are carried out under the Crane Plant Hire Association (CPA) Contract Lifting Terms & Conditions. There are two options: CPA Contract Lifting and CPA Crane Hire.

Contract Lifting Solutions in Lancashire


Contract lifting remains one of the safest and most effective ways of conducting a lifting operation. AE Engineering has many years of experience, so our team can plan and organise the entire process. As part of our CPA contract Lifting services, we can also provide all the personnel to carry out the lifting procedure. We will also offer the Risk Assessment and Method Statement to comply with all Health and Safety requirements and BS7121.

This service includes the specifications of the crane and associated lifting equipment. It will also have a berthing study to determine the suitability for the crane’s location and professional supervision of all aspects of the lift.

As part of our CPA Contract Lifting services, we will provide Public and Employer Liability Insurance of up to £10M in each instance.
The AE Engineering team also provides a contract lifting service as a total solution. This will include the provision of equipment, operators and traffic management related to the lift.

Hire a crane

In addition to contract lifting, we can also provide CPA Crane Hire. If you or your employees have the necessary qualifications and experience, AE Engineering can hire mobile cranes of up to 200-tonne lifting capacities. We can also provide specialised operators to ensure that your lifting procedure is successful and carried out safely.

Under the conditions of CPA Crane Hire, you will be responsible for providing a Risk Assessment and Method Statement. You ultimately control the lifting procedure and ensure all Health and Safety guidelines are adhered to throughout the project. You will also be responsible for ensuring the crane, its personnel and the public throughout the lifting operation. AE Engineering can also provide Slingers and other CPCS-qualified personnel as required.

Under the conditions of the CPA Crane Hire, we will also ask to see the Risk Assessment, Method Statement and Berthing Study results before commencing the project. This is a requirement of the Health and Safety at Work Act, Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998. If you cannot produce these documents, we will be unable to provide you with the lifting equipment. If you don’t have a ‘Competent Person’ on-site to deal with these conditions, you should choose the CPA Contract Lift service from AE Engineering. For more information, see our Safety Guidance.

Crane Hiring Options in the North West & Lancashire

At AE Engineering, our lifting specialists can deliver a complete range of CPA crane hire options for our clients. Our lifting equipment has proven essential for all kinds of projects. Whether you’re looking for contract lifting or simple crane hire, our team are here to help. If you want to be able to complete your project safely and on-schedule, our lifting equipment is essential.

Our team is here for you if you want to take advantage of industry-leading lifting equipment. We can deliver CPA contract lifting and CPA crane hire to suit your project’s needs. Whether you need equipment or trained personnel to carry out your lifting projects, get in touch with AE Engineering today. We have a variety of crane hire options to suit your needs.

Don’t hesitate to call our team today for more information on our wide range of lifting equipment and crane hire options. You can reach our specialists directly by calling us on 01253 422 044. You can also email any questions or concerns you might have to info @ Our professional team can provide a full range of crane hire options to help you safely complete any construction, destruction or refurbishment projects.

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