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The Best Practices for Steel Erection & Building Construction

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The Best Practices for Steel Erection & Building Construction

There are many important factors and approaches to consider when undertaking a large steel erection project. 

At AE Engineering we have a range of heavy lifting machinery and cranes, including 40,50,60,80 & 90-tonne machines capable of helping you with any steel erection or heavy lifting. 

Choosing the correct equipment:

When discussing your contract lift or steel erection project one of our specialists’ teams will discuss with the project manager the specific requirements, vehicle access & additional requirements to ensure your project can be safely completed within your desired timeframe. 

When you’re choosing the required crane you will need to know the correct tonnage required to safely lift the steel or building components. You must also ensure the crane has sufficient reach capabilities to lift the loads from ground to their required destination.

Choosing the correct size for a crane is based on the heaviest list required and how far out the crane will be required to reach. We would usually recommend choosing a larger capacity crane as this reduces the number of times the crane will need to be moved, along with allowing for clear safe operating areas. 

If your construction, steel erections or building business requires a specialist to manage your lifting projects you can get in touch with us regarding our contract lifting services. 

Crane Safety

With larger commercial projects it is essential to ensure that all crane operators are professionally trades and CPA certified. All of the work undertaken must be pre-planned to ensure that safety is the number one priority. 

If you choose AE Engineering for your contract lifting or steel erection our team will be responsible for ensuring the steel is erected carefully and within the required safety guidelines. This includes setting up exclusion zones, correctly & securely strapping the loads, ensuring safety during lifting and operating and much more. 

Rigging Safety

When choosing the correct rigging for the lift we will be required to know the weights and dimensions of the load to ensure we can select the correct rigging equipment for the lift. We always inspect our rigging equipment to ensure we use no defective and potentially dangerous equipment that could affect the safety of the lift. 

If you would like to find out more information about AE Engineering, Our Contract Lifting Solutions our any of our other services please feel free to give us a call on 01253 422 044, send an email to or use our website contact form. 

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