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What does contract lifting mean?

Contract Lifting is a practical alternative to Crane Hire and is one of the key services we provide throughout Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and the rest of the United Kingdom.

Insurance Provided

The crane and all necessary pieces of equipment and accessories are fully insured. This includes damage to the item being lifted. Your project managers and supervisors will no longer need to be concerned with official paperwork.

Risk Assessments

Thorough risk assessments are essential before a project begins. Contract lift packages ensure that these assessments are carried out by fully qualified personnel so that nothing is left to chance during the lifting operation.

Safety Personnel Provided

Operating a crane is not a one-man job. Therefore, we provide a full team of trained, skilled and experienced safety personnel for our contract crane lift services such as a singer/signaller and a crane supervisor.

Choosing the Right Crane

With a large range of machinery and accessories to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to know which is the most suitable for your project. Contract lifting will take variables such as load size and lifting requirements into account and select the most suitable equipment.

We also offer short and long-term contract lifting solutions to steel erection companies, construction businesses and many more industries. Our experienced team can deliver a comprehensive hire service. We will be able to handle all aspects of your contract lifts requirements, from health and safety to project completion.

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