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If you’re looking for fully comprehensive crane hire in Manchester then AE Engineering just can’t be beating. We offer reliable and professional crane hire and contracting lifting services through Central Manchester, Salford, Trafford Park, Bury, Oldham and more.

If you’re working within construction, manufacturing, infrastructure or need a specialist lifting service then contact us now.

We offer both short-term and long term crane hire, tailored to your requirements and suited to your lifting needs.

We have a fleet of cranes available for hire or contract lifting contracts, including 30Ton Cranes, 40Ton Crane all the way up to 80Ton Cranes & 90Ton Cranes. Our diverse fleet allows us to tackle many lifting projects and requirements, whether that’s lifting a piano or erecting steels for an industrial building project we can help.

If the project you’re undergoing only requires a domestic lifting service, then we can provide smaller cranes with capacities of 5-tonnes.
Over the years, our team have worked alongside a complete range of projects. We can help you to complete all manner of projects safely, on-budget and on-schedule.

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For our best price guaranteed
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CRAWLER CRANES For Hire Manchester

An essential part of most projects in the North-West, Mini Crawlers are designed so that they can be operated by both electrical and diesel power sources. These machines are designed so that when operated by electricity, they are suitable for internal use as they will not generate any potentially harmful fumes unlike other crane designs.

These cranes are the perfect tool for domestic projects and for smaller construction sites. They offer a complete range of advantages, including:

  • Radio Controlled.
  • Silent Running.
  • Safe for Internal Use.

With an operating boom length of up to 21 metres, these cranes can manoeuvre waste and materials across all kinds of worksites. Mini Crawlers can also be used to move any worksite waste over blockages and otherwise impassable terrain.

These mini crawlers are designed so that they can be used to lift all manner of materials, including equipment and waste. As an example of smaller lifting equipment they can be used to quickly and safely move weights of up to 10 tonnes.


Mobile cranes are extremely common on construction projects of all sizes from large to small. Whether it’s commercial or industrial worksites in Manchester or surrounding areas. 

The only downside to these cranes is that they can require a large space to set up. Once they have been installed and are up and running, they are able to move all kinds of materials and weights.

Some of the models are large mobile cranes that AE-Engineering provide are able to lift weights of up to 200 tonnes. These cranes are ideal for working at height and offer a wide range of functional boom lengths.

Being mobile means that these cranes can be set up and taken down in an extremely short time frame. They can also be manoeuvred around your worksite into a position where they will offer the most reliable and practical service.

Their versatile design allows these large cranes to be equipped with a variety of practical features. These include:

  • Telescopic Boom Lengths for All Kinds of Projects.
  • Can Be Reliably Secured In-Place.
  • Comfortably Lift Weights of Up to 200 Tonnes.


If the project you are undertaking requires you to lift extremely heavy weights to tall heights, then mobile tower cranes sound like the perfect solution for you. Although large mobile cranes are a great choice for working at height, they require a great deal of space and manoeuvrability to set up. On the other hand mobile tower cranes are much thinner and require much less space on the worksite. This design and manoeuvrability makes mobile tower cranes ideal for use in urban and inner-city projects.

Mobile tower cranes are some of the most common cranes you will see in urban and city areas. The time these cranes take to set up can be extremely quick, often in as little as 15 minutes. Along with their quick set up time, these mobile tower cranes can also deliver an extremely wide lifting radius. That means they can transport weights and materials to and from any part of your worksite.

Here at AE Engineering, we can provide mobile tower cranes in and around Manchester and the Greater Manchester area for all kinds of worksites.

Here is a list of some of the features you’ll be able to benefit from when you hire a mobile tower crane including:

  • Telescopic Booms in A Variety of Sizes.
  • Quick and Simple Set Up, Requiring Limited Space.
  • A Lifting Capacity of Up To 6 Tonnes.
If you're looking for specialist crane hire in Manchester - Call AE Engineering Today

AE Engineering and our experienced team members can deliver crane hire in Manchester and across the North-West. We specialise and make it our priority to help you to find the right lifting equipment to suit your needs. Whether it’s looking for the ideal inner-city crane, or you need to lift materials for an infrastructure project, we are here to help.

We go the extra mile to make sure we effectively maintain all our cranes. We guarantee to never deliver a piece of equipment which has not undergone extensive testing. And as a result of this we will never provide any equipment which is likely to be unsafe.

If you would like more information on the crane hire services we provide in Manchester and the Greater Manchester area, get in touch with AE Engineering today. You can reach our experienced team of lifting specialists today by calling us on 01253 422 044. You can also email us directly at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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