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Cherry Picker Hire in Manchester

We have a large fleet of Scissor lifts & Cherry Pickers available for short-term or long-term hire. A full range of accessibility solutions for commercial & residential building, repairs & maintenance projects. 

We offer reliable, easy-to-use scissor lifts in Manchester, in addition to cherry pickers. Whether you need a scissor lift to repaint an exterior wall or work on an out-of-reach ceiling, we are here for you. Our access platforms can be used in a wide range of environments to quickly and easily carry out all kinds of repairs, decorations and renovative work.

As part of our wide fleet of access platforms, we can provide:

Whether you need to access a high point or just an area that would otherwise be out of reach due to obstructions or unsafe ground, we are here for you. Our hard-wearing and reliable equipment can be used to complete projects of all kinds in and around Manchester.

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Scissor Lift & Cherry Picker Hire

Whatever kind of project you’re involved in, our scissor lifts in Manchester are essential for working at height. These pieces of machinery can provide a safe and reliable lifting service as part of your project. If you need to access any out-of-reach workface, our scissor lifts are essential. All our scissor lifts provide a safe and reliable platform to allow you to carry out any kind of repair work, including renovation or redecorating.
Here at AE Engineering, we are proud to deliver a wide range of scissor lifts, including those of different sizes and capacities. All our scissor lifts offer a wide range of benefits to any commercial, domestic or industrial project, including:

  • Simple to Use.
  • Can be Positioned at the Perfect Height.
  • Provides a Safe and Stable Platform for Working at Height.
  • A Wide Variety of Essential Safety Features, including:
    • Emergency Stops.
    • Platform Barriers to Prevent Falling.
    • Added Safety Harness if Required.

If you’re looking for safe scissor lifts in Manchster, get in touch with AE Engineering today.

Cherry Picker Hire in Manchester

If you’re looking for safe scissor lifts in Manchester, or any kind of access platform, AE Engineering is here for you. Our experienced team have access to a large and varied fleet of essential machinery for any domestic, commercial or industrial project. All our equipment is regularly maintained to ensure complete safety and reliability.

If nobody on your workforce is trained to operate access platforms, we can also provide trusted personnel hire to suit your needs. Our experienced personnel can deliver a professional service throughout your project. Whether you need personnel hire throughout your project, or even just advice or training on the scissor lift hire we’ve provided, we are here to help.

For more information, and access to industry-leading scissor lifts in Manchester and the surrounding areas, get in touch with our team today. You can reach the engineering specialists at AE by calling us directly on 01253 422 044. You can also use our simple online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Whatever kind of access platforms hire in Manchester you require, the AE Engineering team is here for you.

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