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What does a Crane Supervisor do?

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Crane supervisors are the ones who are responsible for the management and the safety of the members who are working on the site. They will check that all health & safety regulations are put into place and maintained.

The crane supervisor has a degree of responsibility and supervision however this can vary with every job, it all depends on the risk and how complex the job is which is being carried out. A basic lift with a standard method will need less supervision than a multiple crane complex lift would need.

It is necessary that any contractor or sub-contractor who is going to be engaging in lifting operations on a site has a crane supervisor on the site, this person can then provide the necessary communication between different parties.

Crane Supervisors have multiple duties that fall into the job role and these can include:

  • Working with a set team to make sure all lifting operations comply with the law and that the health and safety of employees is ensured within the correct guidelines
  • That they are coordinating and supervising all lifting operations with accordance to the lifting plan
  • They will brief all the lifting team members
  • Make sure that they are present during all lifting operations
  • Making sure that the ground is safe for any operation which will be involving mobile cranes
  • Taking the correct measures to correct conditions which are unsafe
  • Assuring that only the appointed staff and registered operators are participating in any operation taking place on site

Benefits of using AE Engineering

Hiring AE Engineering for all your contract lifting needs comes with many benefits for yourself and the worksite. Some of these benefits include:

  • Lower Financial Cost – Both our short & long-term contracts work out a lot more cost efficient than hiring individual cranes. One of the main reasons for this is that with contract lifting you receive access to multiple members of experienced staff which will carry out the project for you. This will save you costs on hiring personnel such as drivers, signallers, appointed persons and many more.
  • Meeting Deadlines – When providing our contract lifting services, we can manage all staff, machines, lifting requirements and all of the smaller details. You won’t have to wait for members of staff to sign paperwork, also you won’t have to wait for a crane operator to become available for you or the arrival of new equipment and added machinery which you may need.
  • Reduce health and safety risks – Our crane supervisors will give your site a full health and safety assessment and take full management of any issues that they may find which could affect safety of both the team members on site and the operating team.

Want to find out more?

If you’d like to find out more information about any of our service or want to get a quote then please give us a call on 01253 422 044 or send us an email to

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