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TELEHANDLER hire in wigan

The experienced team at AE Engineering have helped countless clients move forward with their projects over the years. Amid our arsenal of machinery and vehicles you will be sure to find the perfect model to suit your individual requirements. With one of the UK’s largest and most diverse fleets we are ready and able to support any project on any worksite across the North-West. We will even personally deliver our telehandlers in Wigan for your convenience.

Our telehandler hire services in Wigan has been vital for a varied range of jobs. Over the years, our professionals have provided telescopic handlers to all manner of worksites, including:

  • Construction Projects.
  • Destruction.
  • Repairs and Refurbishments.
  • Loading and Unloading.
  • Clearance and Transportation.

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For our best price guaranteed

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Call Us On: 01253 422 044
JCB Telehandler - AE Engineering Fylde

Here at AE Engineering, we are exceptionally honoured of the comprehensive service we can provide to each one of our clients. We can offer all kinds of telehandlers in WIGAN to suit your project’s specific demands. Our crew can deliver a comprehensive range of lifting equipment, including industrial cranes. No Matter What kind of equipment or machinery you are searching for, AE engineering can help you. Just get in touch with us today to discuss your project further.

Each piece of equipment and machinery provided by AE Engineering has undergone extensive checks and testing to ensure that we are always able to deliver a truly reliable and safe service. Along with our regular safety checks, our gear is always maintained to the very highest of standards so that when it comes to use the equipment it is functioning to it maximum potential. If any of our machinery is staring to show signs of damage, wear or again then we always aim to replace or repair it.

We offer responsible personnel for hire across Wigan and the rest of the North-West in addition to our industry leading telehandlers. Each one of our telehandler operators are fully trained and have many years experienced in lifting all kinds of goods and equipment. Our personnel will work with you to help you achieve your project on time and on budget all without compromising your health and safety.

Our specialist team have vast experience when it comes to operating lifting equipment across Wigan and the surrounding areas in the North-West. No matter if you are looking for small practical loadalls or larger industrial models, or even experienced telehandler operators AE Engineering are able to help. Get in touch with us today for further information.

JCB LOADALL 540-170 HIRE wigan

Here at AE Engineering we are incredibly proud to be one of the largest and most reliable telehandler providers in the UK. Our JCB Loadall 540-170 is a popular piece of lifting equipment that has been hired by a wide range of clients for many kinds of projects. This piece of machinery has been designed to deliver a dependable in a wide range of environments. Telehandlers in Wigan have proven to be an essential piece of kit across a wide range of construction, destruction and construction projects.

The JCB Loadall 540-170 can easily lift incredible heavy loads and transfer them across or from worksite to worksite. Due to their intelligent design, these telehandlers have been provided with hard-wearing suspension, heavy duty wheels and a weight diffusing chassis, making them able to transfer loads safely and securely.

The full sized, four stage telescoping handlers in Wigan provide a practical, heard wearing solution for all worksites across the North-West. Equipped with a phenomenal reach and super reliable supports, the JCB Loadall 540-170 can be safely operated on any kind of terrain.

This lifting apparatus offers elements to make them a practical option in the North-West, including:

  • A Maximum Payload of Up to 4.0 Tonnes.
  • A Max. Working Height of 16.7 Metres.
  • Three-Steer Mode for Complete Control.

JCB LOADALL 535-12.5 FOR HIRE IN wigan

If you are searching for a piece of machinery that is it deal for a wide range of terrains, urban areas, or tight spaces then the JCB Loadall 353-12.5 is ideal for your project. This 3-stage telescopic handler can be utilised indoors, making it more than ideal for internal waste movement and material transfer due to their convenient size.

Despite its smaller size, the JCB Loadall 535-12.5 still offers and incredible reach. This reliable piece of machinery can lift heavy loads by as much as 12.3m, possible as a result of their lowered-boom pivot and the reduced size if the machine itself.

Regardless Of their compact design, this machine can still be used to lift and transfer a wide range of heavy materials and can be used to move waste and materials across your worksite where necessary. Their design makes them extremely stable, allowing for safe and simple function in all kinds of conditions and surroundings.

These telehandlers in Wigan offer fantastic features which make them ideal for all projects, such as:

  • A Working Height of up to 12.3 Metres.
  • A Maximum Payload of up to 3.5 Tonnes.
  • Monitors Forward Stability and Motion, Allowing Complete Control.

JCB LOADALL 535-9.5/ 535-9.5 SWAY for HIRE in wigan

The JCB Loadall 535-9.6/535-9.6 Sway is one of the most practical and fast acting pieces of lifting equipment available form AE engineering today and is ideal for a range of varied projects. These machines can be used to transport all manner of materials and loads such as project waste across your work or construction site.

Due to their compact design, they are a convenient option for both internal and external worksites. These solutions are the ideal blend of compact and high-capacity design, allowing you to transfer heavy loads throughout your property.

These telescopic handlers in Wigan provide an extensive reach despite their smaller size and are ideal solutions that can be used to speed up your project’s completion. The JCB Loadall 535-9.6/535-9.6 Sway allow for the quick and convenient movement of loads across your property. This model of lifting equipment has proven many times that it has been essential in a range of projects we have been involved in across the North-West.

Whether you are looking for a hard-wearing loadall to support your construction, destruction, or refurbishment project, get in touch today. Some of the great features that these models can deliver include:

  • A Maximum Payload of up to 3.5 Tonnes with a Load-Bearing Chassis.
  • A Lifting Height of up to 9.5 Metres.
  • Fast Acting: Can Be Fully Raised in Less than 10 Seconds.

JCB LOADALL 541.70 HIRE wigan

The JCB Loadall 541.70 is an essential piece of equipment for all kinds of worksites including both internal and external locations/ If you are looking for a truly heavy-duty and compact pieces of equipment then this is the one for you. Despite their small stature these solutions can lift extremely heavy masses.

While the JCB Loadall 541.70 is compact and very powerful, these designs are also some of the simplest to operate. They are able to deliver a complete lifting service across your building or worksite, enabling you to efficiently transfer waste and materials. These telescopic handlers in WIGAN come fully equipped with a number of safety features to guarantee your health and wellbeing throughout the duration of the project. These features enable you to monitor the stability of the machinery. As such you will be able to retain complete control over the entire project.

Another benefit of these models is their speed. The booms of these handler can be extended to their full height quickly and easily. Some of the greatest benefits of these models can include:

  • A Maximum Lifting Height of 7 Metres.
  • A Max. Payload Weight of up to 4.1 Tonnes.
  • A Chassis Which Evenly Distributes Load Weight.
  • Safety Features, including Three-Steer Modes, Stability Monitors and More.

AE Engineering has helped a wide range of clients with their domestic and commercial lifting projects over the years. Our industry-leading lifting equipment, in addition to our specialised personnel hire, can help you to complete any development swiftly and effectively. If you’re looking for any kind of telehandlers in Wigan, call our specialist operators today.

For further information, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team at AE Engineering today. You can reach us by calling our main line directly on 01253 422 044. You can also email us directly at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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