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AE Engineering are proud to offer access platform hire across the North of England. Thanks to our incredibly diverse fleet of cranes, we can provide a wide range of essential machinery and equipment to all kinds of worksites whether they are domestic or commercial. If you’re searching for safe and reliable scissor lifts in and around Blackburn to hire, then our engineers are here for you. If your project involves the repairing and / or redecorating of a high, out-of-reach area then our machinery is essential.
As part of our comprehensive service when it comes to access platform hire our engineers can provide:

Both styles of these access platforms are ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial projects. Whether you need to provide access for an individual, or scissor lifts for multiple users, we are here to help. To learn more and take advantage of AE Engineering’s reliable scissor lift hire in the Blackburn area, get in touch today.


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For our best price guaranteed

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Call Us On: 01253 422 044
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The AE Engineering team has worked over the years to deliver a varied range of access solutions for all manner of projects. Whether it be hard-wearing scissor lifts you’re looking for or reliable cherry pickers, get in touch today with our engineering experts and find out more if you’re unsure which kind of access platform is best for your project, don’t hesitate and call our team today. We are happy to offer expert, friendly advice to ensure that you are using the best possible solution to suit your needs.

To take advantage of our expert scissor lift hire in Blackburn and across the North, give our experienced team a call and let us help you to take advantage of the best possible access equipment for your needs.

Scissor Lifts For Hire in the Blackburn area

At AE Engineering, we provide a complete range of scissor lifts and access platforms to best suit the needs of whatever job you’re working on. These scissor lifts are regularly extensively tested and undergo maintenance to ensure complete reliability while in use. If you ever require a stable platform to access hard to reach areas on a job then AE Engineering are here for you.

If you’re part of a business or an individual looking for scissor lifts in the Blackburn area, give our experienced team a call today. The engineers here at AE Engineering provide reliable access solutions for any type of project, including:

  • Domestic and Residential Projects.
  • Commercial Properties.
  • Industrial Worksites.

Whether you’re looking for an individual scissor lift, or a large piece of machinery to allow multiple people to access the workface, we are here to help. Our engineers can provide reliable, cost-effective scissor lifts in Blackburn to help you complete your project as quickly and safely as possible.

Cherry Pickers for Hire In Blackburn

If you’re looking for a more diverse option of access platform hire, AE Engineering provides reliable cherry picker hire across Blackburn and the surrounding area. These durable pieces of machinery provide 360-degree rotation for complete accessibility. These cherry pickers are a great safe and secure alternative to scissor lifts if there are any obstructions or blockages which prevent you from placing a scissor lift directly against the wall.

It’s no surprise that cherry pickers are often seen in and around cities as a means of accessing hard to reach places because of how versatile they are.

The cherry pickers that we provide here at AE Engineering are ideal for a wide array of different projects, including:

  • Rooftop Maintenance / Slanted Roof Repairs.
  • Inner-City Wall Renovations.
  • Accessing High Points Over Obstructions, including Small Walls and Alleys.

Whether it be domestic, commercial or an industrial project, AE Engineering is here for you.


If what you are looking for is hard-wearing access platforms, please give us a call here at AE Engineering. We provide a complete range of both scissor lifts and cherry pickers in Blackburn and the surrounding areas. Thanks to our diverse and varied fleet of access solutions, our friendly and experienced team of engineers can help you to safely access the workface.

As part of our commitment and guarantee to our customers, all of our equipment undergoes regular and thorough maintenance. Our scissor lifts and cherry pickers are tested rigorously to identify and address any operational issues or vulnerabilities. Together with the access solution itself we can provide reliable personnel hire in the Blackburn area to help operate your access platforms when and where required.

If you would like more information on our range of access solutions, get in touch with us here AE Engineering today. You can reach our friendly, specialist team directly by calling us on 01253 422 044. If you prefer, you can also use our simple online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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